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Chevron Floor Tiles

Choose Chevron floor tiles in a range of materials, patterns, colors, and designs. Our consultants can also help you put together a combination of colors and patterns to add a stylish yet whimsical look to your interiors.

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Chevron Hardwood Floor

Chevron hardwood floors are a great option when you're looking to add a warm, cozy feel to your interiors along with a touch of elegance. Choose from a range of wood finishes, colors, and patterns that match best with the rest of the decor.    
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Chevron Laminate Flooring

The Chevron laminated flooring range is created from pressed wood. As a result, it is more durable and long-lasting with better resistance to scratches and damage from moisture. It is also easy-to-clean and maintain, and stays new for a long while.

Chevron Floor Tiles

By choosing Chevron Floor Tiles, you can ensure that any kind of house gets transformed into a cozy, living area that spells style and sophistication. Even if your rooms are small, the Chevron pattern can create the optical illusion of bigger, more roomy spaces. That’s because the Chevron weave directs the eye across the room with its even zigzag appearance. Adopt these tiles for your home and you can create the Palace of Versailles-like ambiance for your home.

Chevron Flooring in a Range of Colors and Patterns

Depending on the decor of your room and the kind of allure you wish to create, choose Chevron floor tiles. For instance, wooden parquets, ceramics, stone, clay, or any other. The exciting thing about Chevron is that you can choose a combination of colors and textures. Here are some examples you can consider:

  • Alternating slats of slimmer and broader tiles
  • Alternating tiles with light and dark hues
  • Randomly placed tiles in 4 to 5 different colors from the same or contrasting themes like, for instance, white, gray, and beige with touches of pink or say, blue
  • A shaded effect with one side of the room having lighter tiles gradually moving to the other end with darker hues
  • Alternating tiles in the classic black and white colors
  • Inserting a band of a completely distinct kind of tiles to create an interesting contrast with the dominating Chevron theme of the floor tiles
  • Inserting a sharply visible grout between the tiles to create a cobblestone-like effect
  • Choosing a collection of random prints, colors, and designs to liven up a room with a color gradient layout

It will interest you to know that even wooden Chevron floor tiles need not be actually made of wood. You can also have ceramic tiles with a wooden look and finish so you can add the warmth, grace, and elegance of natural wooden tiles. But, at the same time, you can have the durability and longevity of marble, ceramic, or porcelain. If you have pets or kids, you won’t have to worry about damage from water or food spillages.

Chevron Pattern Floor Tiles are Economical and Smart

Installing Chevron floor tiles are far more economical as compared to the herringbone style, both in terms of materials and installation costs.

  • Chevron floor tiles are available in parallelogram shapes to create the “V” shape. And, that makes it easier for tilers to cut them to match the dimensions of your room.
  • According to your tastes, the tilers will place the tiles parallel to the walls or in a diagonal.
  • The Chevron pattern is ideal for smaller-sized rooms.
  • In case of square rooms, the zigzag pattern can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Looking to install Chevron floor tiles in the shower stall? Try something different by allowing the design to skim along the floor and climb up the wall in an unbroken flow.

Black and White Chevron Flooring

If it’s the classic styles you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the traditional black and white Chevron flooring that can give your room a sophisticated, contemporary look. But, with a twist. In place of creating the alternating white and black bands running across the room, you can add an element of surprise by varying the width of the bands to create a wave or ripple-like effect.

Are you concerned about the Chevron tile pattern remaining in vogue? Rest assured that this pattern has been used by architects since the time of the Greeks, Romans, and Parisians. And, will continue to interest decorators for a long time to come.