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Chevron Tile Colors

The extensive catalog at Chevron Tile Colors has a stunning collection of colors that are suitable for any room in your home. Choose lighter colors to open up spaces and make them light and airy. Or, opt for exotic, vibrant hues to express your personality.

White Chevron Tiles Icon

White Chevron Tile

You can never go wrong with the white Chevron tile that always spells class and elegance. Also, try alternating it with other colors of your choice to create an interesting mosaic.
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Green Chevron Tile

To add a soothing ambiance of coolness and bring nature indoors, choose the green Chevron tile. Use this palette of colors for the kitchen or patio, or even the bathroom.
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Black Chevron Tile

Choose the mark of eternal elegance preferred by architects over the centuries with black Chevron tiles. Bring in the feel of class by installing all black or alternate with colors.

Chevron Tiles with their unbelievable range of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes can create exquisite interiors that spell sophistication and style. Choose Chevron tile colors according to the mood you want to create in every room. The colors and textures you choose will also depend on whether you wish to install them on the walls or the floor. A smart selection of tiles in unique styles or themed mosaic can also prove to be the perfect solution for accent walls. You can also use hand-painted tiles to create a feature wall as the highlight of the room.

How to Choose Chevron Tile Colors for a Room

Should you choose to install Chevron tiles in your home, our expert consultants will begin by asking you a series of questions. Based on your responses, they will suggest the right tones and hues that enhance the decor and the furniture you have. Here are some of them:

Where would you like to install the tiles?

If you’re looking for tiles for the say, the kitchen, consider wood-finish tiles. These Chevron tile colors bring the outdoors into your home as they simulate the natural allure of wood. The patio is also the ideal location for wood finish since it will reflect the look of the decking and balustrades.

What is the tone you would like for your room?

If you’re looking to send a welcoming message of warmth, go for tiles in brown, beige, and cream for the floor or walls. Further, if you choose blue or green mosaic tiles or glass panels, you’ll create the impression of coolness. Colors like red, auburn, orange, or shades of warm yellow can also add an inviting touch.

Does the room have natural light coming in through the windows?

If the room is compact with very little natural light, you might want to opt for lighter Chevron tile colors. The consultant may also recommend that you choose tiles with a mirror finish or reflective coating to brighten up the spaces. Or, consider custom-cut tiles that are laid without grouting to create a seamless finish. But, if the room is larger with lots of natural light, you can play around with all the colors you like. Darker colored tiles or say, tiles with contrasting grout is an exciting color to consider.

What is the room used for?

Tiles for say, the living room can simulate marble or a reflective grey if you’re creating the contemporary appeal. But, tiles in bedrooms need to be in soft hues that are tranquil. Kitchen tiles can also be in rich, warm colors to create the perfect ambiance for family meals.

Chevron Kitchen Tiles Color

In most homes, the kitchen is the hub with the family gathering around, preparing and eating meals together. They may sit in the warmth exchanging experiences and thoughts of the whole day. Or, simply connect before going off to school or work. Here are the factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect Chevron tile colors:

  • Redecorating is one project you don’t undertake at short intervals. For this reason, you may want to choose colors that are neutral, and likely to continue to appeal over possibly a lifetime. Choose colors that you really like in place of hues that are considered trendy, and may go out very soon.
  • If you aren’t planning on replacing the countertops and kitchen cabinets anytime soon, you might want to pick tile colors that match the other accessories in the kitchen. Of course, if you especially like some particular Chevron tile colors, you could consider painting the cabinets to match them.
  • Choose tiles for your kitchen that are easy to maintain. Most architects like to install plain tiles in the rest of the kitchen, but highlight the backsplash with beautiful feature tiles that instantly catch the eye. Like, for instance, think hand-painted tiles. Just make sure you can clean them with just a spray of soap and water.

Whatever may be the colors you pick for your kitchen, stress on making the room bright and cheerful, a happy spot where the family loves to hang out.

Chevron Floor Tiles Color

When checking out the Chevron tile colors catalog for floor tiles, you may want to focus on the room or area where you want to install them. Hallways and stairways should have light-colored tiles preferably with the Chevron pattern to infuse a sense of width and space with optical illusions. If you have larger rooms like say, the living room, installing colors in darker hues like dark brown or wood finish under lighter-colored furniture can lend a contemporary feel to the room. Similarly, kitchens and bathrooms should have lighter, neutral Chevron floor tiles that make them look airy, spacious, and bright.

Chevron Wall Tiles Color

Choosing wall tiles from the Chevron tile colors catalog is a delightful experience because of the sheer number of possibilities. You will be spoiled for choice with the colors and patterns that you can get for highlighting a particular wall or the backsplash in the kitchen. The wall behind the shower panel is also a great spot to add a touch of eccentricity. One of the most interesting ideas that has emerged in recent times is tiles inlaid with crystal or glass beads for the accent wall. Now there’s one Chevron wall tile idea that takes your breath away with its beauty and elegance.

Are you looking for new decorating ideas for your home that are also practical and will remain in vogue for all time? You absolutely must contact us at Chevron Tile and take a look at our extensive catalog. If you would prefer to talk to a live agent, go ahead and call this number: (333) 222-2220. We are looking forward to hearing from you.