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Chevron Tile Pattern

Choose the Chevron Tile Pattern to add a retro theme to the interiors of your home. Use the tiles to adorn the walls or floors of any room in your home. You can also adopt the pattern to create optical illusion of space or to direct the eye towards a specific highlight.

Chevron Marble Tile Icon

Chevron Marble Tile

Concerned about maintaining marble floors? You can now combine the beauty and finishing of marble with the ease of cleaning by choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles.
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Chevron Floor Pattern

Adopt the Chevron floor pattern to open up compact spaces and instantly make rooms look wider and longer by directing the eye towards the far ends in an unbroken flow.
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Chevron Pattern Wood

Combine the warmth and elegance of wood with the durability of porcelain by opting for wood finish tiles that display the look and feel of the grains and are available in a range of colors.

Ancient builders have been known to frequently incorporate the Chevron tile pattern in their creations and designs for different kinds of structures. Modern-day architects also seem to love the simple sophistication and elegance that the Chevron designs bring to the interiors they adorn.

Chevron Tile Patterns for Optical Illusions

In present times, where homes are increasingly becoming compact, the Chevron tile pattern may be just the right idea to open up spaces and lend the optical illusion of spaciousness. For instance, install the pattern in a hallway with the tiles creating a point to the end. And instantly, you can transform a narrow passage into wide area that seems to go on forever. Further, you can use the zigzag pattern pointing upwards to direct the eye towards the ceiling for the impression of height. And, if you install the Chevron tile pattern beside say, a feature wall, you can have the tiles leading the eye towards the highlighted section of the room.

Chevron Pattern Wood

Hardwood floors or wall decor always lends an impression of warmth and an old-world charm to any decor. And, the exciting thing about Chevron tile patterns is that you can bring this charm into any room without worrying about its durability. Are you concerned about the possibility of spills and water spoilage in say, rooms like the kitchen or bathroom? That’s fine because you can always opt for the Chevron tile pattern that mimics the look of natural wood, but is made of porcelain or ceramic complete with the grains and finishing.

A great example is using the wood plank vinyl flooring tiles for your kitchen in the same shade as the countertops. Now that’s one material that is durable and water-resistant. Or try this idea. Install the wood finish tiles on the wall behind the shower panel.

Chevron Floor Pattern

When choosing the best Chevron floor patterns, you don’t need to pick out a single design for the whole room. Take a look at the extensive catalog. And, the consultant will help you put together a blend of different colors, designs, and themes.

Say, for example, you have the dining section placed in the living room. To create the distinction between the two areas, select two different color schemes. The living area can have wood patterned tiles while the dining section can have marble flooring. And, to add an inviting look towards the dining area, make sure the tiles are installed in the Chevron tile pattern to point in that direction.

Chevron Pattern Backsplash

Two of the most common backsplash sections in any home are the areas behind the kitchen stove and sink. And, the wall behind the vanity in the bathroom. Both of these sections are likely to attract the maximum of splashes of food, stew, gravies, water, soap and various other things. All of these spatters can damage regular paint and make it impossible to maintain.

Should you choose the Chevron pattern backsplash, you’ll find that the tiles make it absolutely easy to clean up. With just a few sprays of an effective cleaning agent or perhaps, soapy water and a kitchen sponge, you can have the area clean in no time. Are you wondering about the height up to which you should install the tiles? About a foot or two should be enough. Add character to the backsplash area with the Chevron tile pattern pointing upwards, or left or right depending on the direction in which you want to draw the eye.

The versatility of the Chevron tile pattern makes decorating a delightful project. Are you working on a bedroom, the living room, bathroom, or kitchen floors? Or, maybe you’re looking for ideas on how to adorn the walls of your home. Rely on Chevron Tiles for beauty, utility, and durability.

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