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Chevron Wall Tiles

Chevron Wall Tiles can add a unique aesthetic appeal to the walls of your interiors and reflect the personality of the owner. Choose from a range of colors, patterns, and materials to adorn bathrooms and kitchens or lend character to a specific wall.

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Chevron Ceramic Tile Wall

Opt for tiles that are made of hardwood for the warm, cozy appeal, or porcelain or ceramic tiles that mimic the look and sophistication of hardwood, but are more durable and resilient.

Chevron Decorative Wall Tiles

Add style and accentuate a particular wall in any room of your home with decorative tiles that are available in a range of textures, materials, and finishes to add an eye-catching appeal.

Builders and architects have used wall tiles since before recorded history to decorate the exteriors of homes and other structures. The first people to use tiles were possibly the Egyptians around 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. However, you are likely to see all kinds of intricate art created with tiles in a wide array of colors in various locations. These regions include the Middle East, Portugal, Spain, the Mediterranean countries, and others. With Chevron wall tiles, you can follow the centuries-old tradition and bring the beauty of tiles into your home.

While the ancients used tiles for insulation and protection against the weather conditions, tiles continue to be used as low-maintenance building materials. And, they lend exceptional beauty and sophistication to your interiors.

How to Use Chevron Wall Tiles

Should you contact us at Chevron Tiles, we will offer you catalogs with a variety of tiles in different shapes, colors, textures, and materials. For instance:

  • Glass tiles for areas like the backsplash in your kitchen.
  • Porcelain or ceramic tiles for kitchen and bathroom walls.
  • Hardwood-look tiles that have the appearance and appeal of wood, but are made with materials like cement or porcelain that can take splashes without getting spoiled.

We also invite you to work with our Chevron wall tiles consultant who can suggest a mosaic of colors and textures. You will be surprised to note that they are extremely attractive thanks to the tasteful blending of themes that come across as whimsical, but oh so, chic!

Chevron Accent Wall

An interesting trend in the decorating industry in recent times is the highlighting of a particular wall in a room. The accent wall or feature wall as it is also called lends character to the room and instantly attracts the eye. To make the accent wall come alive, you can choose from a range of Chevron wall tiles options. For instance:

  • Choose a contrasting color from the rest of the room.
  • Choose an entirely different texture to make the wall stand out. If you have an expensive piece of art that you would like to show off, add some interesting lighting and voila! The wall compliments that artwork beautifully.
  • Choose Chevron wall tiles with metallic colors to add a contemporary touch.
  • Consider the chevron pattern, stripes, or a striking color for the accent wall in an otherwise simple room in shades of white or beige.
  • Get experimental by highlighting the ceiling in place of a wall in the room.

At Chevron Tiles, we understand that every room in your home is an extension of your personality and whispers just a little about who you are. Go ahead and make the decor as unique as you are!

Chevron Tile Wall Mirror

The fascinating thing about mirrors is that they not only look extremely classy but they can open up compact spaces in more ways than you can imagine. Accentuate any wall with mirror tiles and suddenly, you’ll give it extended dimensions. But, when using mirrors for wall tiles, you can’t just use any mirrors. That’s because reflective wall tiles need to be cut out of a single sheet of glass.

Each piece has edges that are lightly filed for complete safety. And, they come with a durable backing made out of cloth. Installing mirrored tiles needs precision so that there are no gaps between the pieces. Our installation experts also design their techniques according to the form and shape of the wall. And, the end result is a perfectly finished wall that speaks about the finesse and craftsmanship that went into its making.

How to Chevron Wall

At Chevron Tiles, we concede that choosing tiles for your home can be a complicated process given the mind-boggling array of colors, textures, and materials. But, our consultants can streamline the process for you including matching your tastes with your budgetary constraints. Here are some of the aspects we’ll discuss with you:

  • The precise location where you want the tiles installed
  • The ideal material that appeals to you such as porcelain, ceramic, cork, stone, bamboo, glass, or linoleum
  • The finish and texture you have in mind for the particular wall we’re decorating
  • Your lifestyle and the usage you’re expecting from the room and walls
  • Presence of kids and pets and the possibility of splashes and spatters

Trust in us at Chevron Wall Tiles to understand your decorating needs and recommend the perfect tiles that match your idea of the perfect home.